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Life happens, like it should

March is a challenging month for me!

Even if the days are getting bigger and the sun is starting to get warmer I'm still trying to come out of the winter haze and adjust to a new year.

Even now I feel a bit stuck in the previous year... don't know why! 😅

I found out that small projects help me to balance everything so much better and they give me a very good feeling of accomplishment too.

During these last few weeks so many little things have been born from my needles...

I have two amazing teams of testers working right now on the #WillowBee and the 2.0 version of the #AlentejoBabyRomper and #AlentejoBabyDress .

A new set of #ClothesForTheOakFolkSetM is almost ready for testing, together with a new #CalendulaBabyPixieHat ...may grade a kids version too!


So...plans for this month:

- The #WillowBee pattern will be published on March 20th

- The 2.0 update of the #AlentejoBabyRomper and #AlentejoBabyDress will be out on March 27th

- A test knit will come out for the new set of doll clothes and for the baby pixie hat too...probably around March 23rd

- I will also get to edit and grade the new #VersatileKidsVest for a test knit in the beginning of April


I'm sharing all this with you why?

I may or may not be able to do it all, but setting up deadlines and dates helps me to organise my work and gives me a little extra fuel to get things done.

My husband often says that I'm too strict with myself...but I need this, I need to plan in advance.

But...over the years I also learned that it's ok if we don't do everything we set ourselves up to.

Life happens, like it should...but I like to know I always do my best!

Thank you so much for your support, for sharing my work, for buying and knitting my patterns, for helping me test knit, translate, being a shoulder and hand I can rely on!

This is not just a job...this is indeed my life!

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