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A new chapter...

Well hello and welcome!! You already know me as the founder of Agasalhos e Bugalhos and designer behind the knitting patterns. But I wanted to have a place, not social media related, where I could talk about whatever I wanted, in the format I feel most comfortable with. About me, my creations, my life, my family and daily life, my struggles and my feelings...a personal space that didn't have to be business directed and just write what's in my soul. I used to write a lot. Diaries, short stories, poems, songs... and even had a blog a few years ago, but Instagram, Facebook and all the social media platforms started demanding more visual posts, videos, less words...and I kinda felt discouraged to continue with my writing. I felt that everything I wrote was too much...too long, too eloquent, too personal and heartfelt. But in time, I came to realize that I really need the writing in my life too. Just like knitting, it helps me to relax and putting all the feelings and thoughts out, in words, and expressing myself is therapeutic...even if anyone else reads what I write it will always be worth it!! So here I am, in the beginning of a new chapter of my creative journey. I hope that you can follow along and share your thoughts with me. PS: Thank you so much for all your messages and well wishes for Dinis! He's reacting very well to the medication and feeling so much better!!

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