• Sandra Magalhães


Gingham is one of those patterns that never goes out of style.

It was cool 30 years ago, it's a hit now and I believe it will still be a

very beautiful pattern in the future.

I don't have many colourwork patterns published (well there's a new one on the way in the next few days...), but the ones I have, really brought me a lot of joy to design!

This was the beginning of the Gingham Collection...one year ago.

The sample was made even before I was pregnant with Dinis...but time is always so limited when we have kids...

I started with the bloomers...that are oh, so cute!! I added a lot of video tutorials to this pattern because I really believe that a confident beginner should be able to knit them. Aren't they so adorable?

Besides the #ginghambabybloomers you can also turn into a #ginghambabyromper so easily if you like!

You can find the pattern here on my Etsy shop:

I can't wait to add more pieces to this collection because I have a few cool ideas!

So stay tuned!

You can also find me on Instagram

A big hug to you all!

With love


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