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Hello and welcome to Agasalhos e Bugalhos!

Whether you are already an experienced knitter or if you are just start knitting your own pieces,

here you can find beautiful, simple and timeless knitting patterns.

This project was born from the passion of a mother to knit for their children and family.

Wholeheartedly believing that handmade pieces are a gift of love for those who are dear to us,

we try to explore the versatility of children and family knitwear, mostly designing gender neutral pieces.

In a balanced mixture of classic and modern influence, the pieces created are timeless

and perfect to be passed through the family, making them beautiful and sentimental heirloom treasures.


Baby Knitting Patterns
0-24 months

Kids Knitting Patterns
0-14 years

Doll Knitting Pattern
Doll Clothes Knitting Patterns

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